Our Quality Mission— the compass that guides our mission

All manufacturers of finished products, packaging, and raw material ingredients are required by law to adhere to strict compliance testing requirements.  Yet, the FDA often finds deficiencies in laboratory testing procedures that cut corners or are otherwise lacking transparency – leading to potential violations of compliance law.  Such oversights can potentially cost customers millions in submission delays, approvals, product recalls or manufacturing interruptions.

NJ Labs was founded back in 1936 on the premise of promoting quality in dairy & food production and as we’ve expanded to other industries, we’ve also been building upon our culture of quality ever since.  We are certified by the US Food & Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and New Jersey Controlled Substances and we are unique in our broad range of industry expertise. We know how to work with the FDA but more importantly, how to conduct ethical analytical testing under strict CGMP requirements that comply with regulatory law.   

We invite you now to learn more about our Quality Assurance Program and how we promote Regulatory Compliance Transparency.   Our mission is to become an integral service to our client’s quality assurance programs but also to be recognized both by our clients and regulatory bodies as the compass that points to quality.