Dairy and Food Testing

Our legacy in Dairy & Food testing dates to 1936, when our founder pioneered the development of the first
Quality Control methodologies ever used in Dairy & Food testing.  QC methodologies need to keep
experimental error to a minimum while promoting reproducibility to a maximum.  Fast forward to
today. Dairy products are rapidly changing as consumers are becoming more focused upon probiotics,
protein consumption and products containing less sugar. These are the new drivers because dairy is one
of the best vehicles for carrying probiotics into the human body.  New Dairy products are also being
touted as “high protein” due to their functionality as a health ingredient and because they contain all
the essential amino acids. Such new products require even more sophisticated protein and amino acid
identification analysis methods. And as Dairy products are beginning to crossover into the Nutraceutical
category, having experience with nutraceutical formulations also helps.

Another key emerging issue is with respect to Foods being labeled as “Organic”. Traditionally, Dairy &
Food testing has been microbiology-related process testing during production.  However, “Organic”
foods present new challenges because they require pesticide/herbicide residue and other types of
chemistry testing. NJ Labs has the microbiology and chemistry testing expertise along with the Quality
Control methodologies to help prevent mistakes and minimize error in Dairy & Food testing.
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