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When our founder Dr. David Levowitz was with the Dairy Manufactures Department of Rutgers University, NJ, he saw the need for an agency which would promote quality in dairy & food production.  In 1936, he established New Jersey Dairy Laboratories for that purpose.  As our lab grew so too did our reputation for quality as we gained recognition across the country for being ahead our time and unique in pioneering carefully standardized analytical testing methods & control systems.  In the late 70s, our new owners dropped “Dairy” from our name as we began to offer pharmaceutical, environmental & water testing services.  Then in 1989, we moved to our current location in New Brunswick, NJ.

Quality — the essential element in analytical testing since 1936

Today, NJ Labs specializes in analytical chemistry and microbiology testing for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic, dairy & food industries.  Our privately-owned FDA & DEA inspected; certified full-service contract analytical testing laboratory continues its mandate of following strict CGMP regulations.  Our team of scientists also continue to build upon a legacy of developing and validating methods for raw materials and finished products established by our founder over 80 years ago.

So, if you are looking for an analytical testing lab whose essential element is quality:

Welcome to our NJeighborhood!